Hotel Profit Discovery

The undisputed King of Revenue Analysis tools is now fully automated

Automated Pace and Pickup report in Excel®
that is connected live to your PMS data.

Fully Automated. No Data Entry.

Streaming live data from the PMS/POS.

Refresh as often as you want.

The most powerful insights.

Easy to understand formats.

All in one efficient view.

Customized to your preference.

Tired of monthly fees. TotalPace is yours forever.

One-Time Fee. You own your TotalPace report. No monthly Fees.

No cloud required.

Maintenance and Support Provided Free for One Year

No Data Warehouse Required

No New Hardware or Software Required

PCI Compliant

Some of the systems we work with

Why smart RMs use TotalPace ?


Save Time


Eliminate Errors


Work with Real-Time Info


Use More Data


See More Patterns


Grow Smarter

You Can Afford Automated, Real-Time Pace and Pickup


See Sample Reports and Pricing







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