Hospitality Revenue Analytics

Who is OWL?

We are a lab of Mathematicians, Behavioral Scientists, Information Technology veterans and a bunch of brilliant, energetic, award-winning statisticians united by our passion for hotel analytics. We work around the clock, challenging ourselves, being innovative thinkers, working in the trenches, crafting models and strategies that have proven to surpass even the most selective and exacting expectations.

Our team creates new value through processing large volumes of structured and unstructured data from a multitude of sources, identifying consistent patterns and relationships among variables and revealing profitable insights.

Meet the Principals

Robert Hernandez, Revenue Discovery Consultant & Trainer
Robert Hernandez is an expert in the field of mathematical Hotel Optimization and Analytics. He has spent the last 17 years building data-driven forecasting and optimization models for companies in over 20 different industries, from tech to tourism. Robert possesses a very unique skill set including cross-disciplinary experience, advanced mathematical and analytics skills, data transformation, industry-specific knowledge and business-process improvement expertise. Robert began his career at the Walt Disney Company in Revenue Planning. He is a specialist in the Science and Mathematics of Revenue Management. He has engineered innovative work in the hospitality industry, increasing profit through the development of sophisticated pricing, forecasting, and guest behavioral models.

Karen Schilling, Project Management
Karen builds teams. She guides OWL’s project planning operations and is an expert in client engagement and developing and nurturing relationships. She defines and organizes the process of creating analytics-driven solutions for Revenue Optimization, Marketing and Promotions and Supply Chain Management. She serves a cross-industry client base in Hospitality, Media and Entertainment, and Retail.

The Team
OWL’s biggest asset is our tight network of foremost leaders in knowledge discovery. Whether your project calls for one strategist or a team of scientists, we perfect project teams around your specific needs. The accolades and degrees represented in our team are literally too many to list. Our practitioners have decades of experience working and consulting in various functional areas of major corporations in Entertainment, Hospitality and Retail industries.


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