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Revenue Optimization

We deliver continuous, year-over-year revenue growth by implementing aggressive and innovative pricing strategies. We optimize RevPAR by mathematically setting all pricing strategies across channels and markets.

Competitive Evaluation

After performing a comprehensive,unbiased evaluation of your true competitors, we monitor your comp set daily to ensure that your positioning is delivering the most revenue opportunities.

Rate Loading and Distribution

We guarantee timely execution of rate changes across all channels,while ensuring rate parity.  We work with all popular channel managers and we are experts in the proprietary channel managers of most brands

Packages and Promotions

We build a combination of short-term and long-term selling and marketing tactics to be deployed on OTAs. We design creative packages and promotions to boost occupancy during slower demand periods and capture the right guests.

Executive Reporting

We publish Performance Analytics reports, including a comprehensive Pace and Pickup deck, that give strategic insight into every demand pattern that affects your results.  Our advanced daily metrics support better executive decisions.

OTA Relationship Management

We liaise with all OTA Market Managers to ensure maximum visibility and image management. We respond to all rate parity and inventory issues as well as maintain constant communication about revenue and positioning goals.

Rate Negotiations

We set negotiated rate plans that help you capture additional occupancy.  We also perform current and future revenue displacement analysis for each group opportunity to ensure optimized mix of business and repeat production.

Brand Relationship Management

We integrate your individual strategy with brand initiatives and policies. We are experts on the distribution and promotional guidelines of most brands and we connect seamlessly to your corporate reps.

Why Inns, Suites and Independents Love Us.


“I approached Origin World because we needed to get a handle on our revenue stream. Through powerful data analytics, OWL played a crucial role in helping me reveal tactics and strategies for optimizing both ADR and occupancy rates. The results were better than I ever expected. Origins World opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world of RM. By breaking down transactions to a granular level, a number of trends and areas for optimization were exposed I never would have realized on my own. An investment in OWL will yield substantial returns; I highly recommend them.” – Eileen M., Olde Marco Inn, Naples, FL

“The Origin World team are professionals and highly recommended. They work daily, weekly, and monthly to make sure our hotel is properly positioned to compete and get the best RevPAR. They are an extension of our operations team and we can reach them anytime with any question and they are always helpful and insightful. If you would like to learn more about the data analytics and trends that will make your hotel more profitable, I highly recommend reaching out to RM4Hire.” – Kishan P., Atlas Hospitality, Phoenix, AZ.


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What is RM for Hire?

It is a shared Revenue Management service wherein a dedicated pricing and revenue optimization specialist generates, implements, drives and delivers room (and where applicable, ancillary) revenue strategies.  This is done by identifying demand-generating opportunities and making strong pricing decisions.

Can you give me an overview of services provided?

The off-site Revenue Manager identifies demand-generating opportunities to ensure maximum room revenue. All decisions are discussed with GM or Owner in a bi-weekly conference call. The Revenue Manager brings system knowledge and expertise.  They review your hotel’s activities and identify yielding opportunities thereby developing a market-specific pricing strategy.  They give you the gift of time so that you may be concentrated on the operation of the business.  You receive daily and weekly monitoring and auditing of your hotel, rates, distribution and systems.  They provide you with rate decisions that enable YOY revenue growth as well as market share growth.  To name a few, they are responsible for checking inventory, pricing restrictions, examining daily pickup, competitor rate analysis, monthly performance review, pace analysis, STR report analysis, rate structure by market segment, channel management, group displacement and pricing, online image monitoring and OTA promotions support.

Why would I choose to hire a Revenue Manager?

Revenue Managers have become as commonplace as Housekeeping in Hotel establishments.  Revenue Management drives top-line revenue so without a Revenue Management focus, hotels may be needlessly leaving money on the table.  Hotels may misjudge rate opportunities and lose business to competitors as a result of not having the time and resources required to adapt to ever-changing channels and market conditions. Most GMs and Owners do not have an in-depth knowledge of the Science or the Art of Revenue Management nor the time necessary to dedicate to Revenue Management. You will now be able to focus on customer service, strategy and other crucial day-to-day matters while your Revenue Manager is focused on unlocking all your revenue potential and executing previously untapped revenue strategies.

Can I wait another minute?

No.  Consider the cost of missed rate opportunities, non-competitive market positioning, needless discounting, overlooked channel opportunities, improper inventory management, underpriced Local Negotiated or Wholesale rates, non-optimized market segmentation and mix, competitors outperforming you while you underperform.  All these drain revenue.

What results can I expect?

Typically, our properties outperform their Competitive Set and Tract Scale.  In addition they have YOY Revenue Growth of 12% and up to 40%.  This uplift is sustained.  The typical ROI is 10:1.

Why would I choose an off-site shared service?

A shared service is less expensive — as aforementioned — it is one-tenth of the cost of an in-house employee.  While still reaping the benefits of a dedicated Revenue Manager, you share the cost of having a salaried employee with benefits.  Additionally a shared service gives the RM access to the newest tools and resources, as well as, up to the minute information on all market influences that give your hotel a competitive edge.

How knowledgeable or experienced will my dedicated Revenue Manager be?

Our Revenue Managers are innovative market strategists with between 6 and 12 years’ experience in Hotel Revenue Management.  In addition to superior talent development provided by  our internal training on the Science of Hotel Optimization, each Revenue Manager is well versed in the Art of Hotel Optimization as they have had real-world experience in every conceivable type of hotel.  Your property will be paired with a Revenue Manager who has previously revenue-managed similar properties.  Additionally each Revenue Manager has the benefit of the extensive resources of our team of in-house specialists and our regular “Consulting Workgroups” where new, innovative Revenue Maximization ideas are constantly generated.

Is this costly?

This service is very inexpensive.  The Property will have a dedicated Revenue Manager for one-tenth of the cost of an on-site salaried employee.

How am I billed?  Is there a contract?

No, there is no contract. Just a service agreement a 30-day cancellation notice.  You are billed monthly.

You Can Afford Top Revenue Management.

Premiere Revenue Management
For full-service properties < 250 rooms

Includes all Enterprise Revenue Management features plus:

  • WEEKLY Rate Strategy Conference Call
  • Reservation Activity Review
  • Group Displacement Analysis
  • RFP Guidance (Rates, Seasonality, Blackouts)
  • Trend Analysis for Weekly and Monthly Forecasts


1099 USD per month

Complete Revenue Management
Most popular with inns, suites and smaller properties

  • DEDICATED Revenue Manager
  • BI-WEEKLY Rate Strategy Conference Call
  • Retail Pricing Evaluation
  • Pick Up and Pace Analysis
  • Availability Review
  • Rate Resistance Analysis
  • Market Segmentation Analysis
  • Mix of Business Analysis
  • Pricing and Demand Analysis and Management of Opaque Channels
  • Analysis of Day STR Report
  • Analysis of Month STR Report
  • Inventory Review and Management
  • OTA Market Reports Review
  • STR Competitive Set Revision
  • Implementation and Management of OTA Promotions and Packages
  • Management of Rate Parity Issues
  • Channel Production Analysis and Management
  • Locally Negotiated Pricing Guidance
  • Review and Management of Social Media and Brand Performance
  • Manage Relationship with OTA Market Managers
  • Manage Online Image
  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Competitor Price and Product Analysis

900 USD per month

Enterprise Revenue Management
For full-service properties with 250+ rooms

Includes all Premiere Revenue Management features plus:

  • WEEKLY/AS NEEDED Rate Strategy Conference Call
  • Total Revenue Management (Rooms + Ancillary)
  • Email Inbox Response and Support
  • Price Optimization Management
  • Travel Websites Monitoring to ensure competitiveness in Placement, Availability,
  • Text and Pricing
  • Implementation of Revenue Management tools, programs and initiatives
  • Establish and Maintain Minimum Standards for Reporting

1,499 USD per month

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