Advanced Revenue Analytics Learning Package


Course Description

Theory is for school.  I show you step-by-step the techniques I use every day consulting for hotels of every size and rating.

The Advanced Hotel Revenue Analytics Learning Package.
The only mentored and fully data-driven Advanced RM training in the industry.

This bundle consists of two core certificate courses that deliver all the knowledge that you need to dominate your profession in the era of Big Hotel Data. Includes introductory phone interview to assess your personal learning goals. In addition you get 4 hours of personalized coaching and mentoring.

Data Science of Hotel Optimal Pricing (regular price $1,295),

Use PMS data, SQL programming, statistics and optimization math to create your own automated pricing model in Excel.

How to Forecast (regular price $1,295)

Learn the different forecasting techniques that will allow you to predict results for every stream in the hotel business.

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