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The Essence of OWL

OWL is a patient messenger, bringer of information, totem of truth, discoverer of meaning and motive, capable of seeing that which others cannot.

Fearless in darkness and confusion, OWL transcends its reality by drawing insights from the environment.  Where others are blinded, OWL brings possibilities into focus.

With its keen vision, OWL can penetrate the darkness and make transparent the movements of the most elusive targets.  By identifying patterns in the direction of the objective, OWL can determine the tactics that will assure a bounty.

Even more extraordinary is OWL’s capacity for multidimensional sight, allowing the same scene to be observed from different angles.  Taking various points-of-view of the same reality allows OWL to add more context to any vantage point.

OWL is very flexible, often changing schedules to ensure the proper incubation of a tender sprout.  Adapting to any condition, OWL quickly establishes a presence with minimal disruptions and negligible noise.

Using a unique and highly sensitive ability to listen, OWL can hear minute changes that occur in any surrounding, distinguishing the common from the unusual, and in the process, identifying potential danger from an opportunity for reward.

OWL uses an uncommon panoramic perspective to scan the immediate and distant territory.  As uncertainty approaches, OWL can determine the optimal maneuver before it is too late.

Above all, OWL is always the loyal companion of those seeking wisdom and abundance.  In this virtue, it truly has no equal.


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