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Excel Training for Hospitality Teams

Storytelling with data has now surpassed every other form of hotel business communication.  From analysts to administrative assistants, Excel is now by far the most popular platform for intelligence discovery and dissemination.  Our successful team training approach is not only convenient and extremely efficient, but also highly effective.

Hybrid Excel Training

Our hybrid training course takes any Excel user from Novice to Expert in 10 hours.  Maximum student engagement is ensured with a combination of live, scheduled, webinar style training supported by recorded, self-paced videos and downloadable exercise templates.  The video captures of each session are your proprietary content to keep forever.  The typical training schedule is one hour per week for 10 weeks to allow for proper absorption.

Hotel Specific Exercises

The failure of many Excel training courses is their  inability to connect the tools and techniques learned to on-the-job scenarios.  We start with examples and exercises that are hospitality industry or hotel specific.  The entire course is then taught using these customized templates.

Cable Car Approach

While each session gets progressively more advanced, students do not have to join each session to follow along.  More advanced users can “hop on” whenever the topic level has reached their knowledge level, while beginners can “hop off” when they feel that the tools and techniques are beyond their scope.

Flat Rate

Whether you want to train 25 or 250 team members simultaneously, our fees are based on a flat fee model that can cut your Excel training costs by up to 90%.  Our pricing approach is designed to allow you to leverage today’s technology to achieve maximum ROI on your training budget.

A Data Analysis Focus

OWL’s Excel training focuses on the tools and techniques that are required for your team to be successful at manipulating raw data and converting it into actionable intelligence.  Our Excel training is the only one available that takes a time out (Day 5) to discuss how to design spreadsheets for better communication.

Excel Core Concepts

Objectives: The first five hours are designed for beginner and intermediate students who need a formal tour of the most important Excel features in order to upgrade their skills.

Hour 1 — Basic Navigation
Understanding the Excel Screen
Worksheets and Workbooks
Moving Around
Entering and Editing
Manipulating Rows and Columns

Hour 2 — Basic Calculations
References and Ranges
Entering formulas
Mathematical Operations
The five main formulas
Autofill and Anchoring

Hour 3 — Formatting and Printing
Custom Formatting
Date and Time Functions
Printing Options
Working with sheets

Hour 4 — Sheets & Charts
Working with multiple sheets
The Chart Menu
Formatting data for a chart
Formatting Charts
Chart Templates

Hour 5 — Great Spreadsheet Design
Data Validation
Conditional Formatting
20 Spreadsheet Design Do’s and Don’ts

Working with Hotel Data in Excel

Objective: The last five hours are for intermediate and advanced users who need to master the process of manipulating tables of data to extract insights that lead to great decisions.

Hour 6 — Working with Data
Relational Data
Creating Data Tables
Manipulating Data Tables
References and Calculations
The IF function

Hour 7 — Pivot Tables and Charts
Table Multisort
Multi-dimension and OLAP
Creating Pivot Tables
Pivot Table Calculations
Pivot Charts

Hour 8 — Transforming Raw Data
Error Functions
Text Functions
Join and Logic Functions
Date Functions
Rounding Functions

Hour 9 — Granular Analysis of Data
Criteria Functions
Nested Functions
Lookup Functions
Array Formulas
Creating Advanced Formulas

Hour 10 — Bringing Data into Excel
Working across Excel files
Get live data from a database
Get data from the web
Get data from an Excel file
Automating data retrieval

CASE STUDY: South Florida Kimpton properties

Epic Hotel Miami, a Kimpton property, and its two sister properties in South Florida needed a cost effective way to provide formal Excel training to its staff simultaneously, across all the properties.  The training had to be open to all personnel.  Epic wanted a live training option as very few employees were completing the online-only training.   Most live training options were too expensive, required travel, would interrupt the work-week, and could not be scheduled efficiently.

OWL helped Epic schedule a 10 week training program of one hour live webinar training sessions that allowed all staff members to join and interact while those that could not would catch the replay on video that could be played from Epic’s own servers.  OWLs solution not only saved Epic over 50% in training costs but also delivered wider training engagement and provided them with proprietary training content for all present and future staff.

For more information and customized training proposal please contact:

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