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3 Pace Report Metrics That Will Reveal Hidden Revenue

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For many hotels, the time-honored Pace Report forms the heart and soul of their RM analysis. Pace Reports are usually designed to give the reader a quick snapshot of future rooms revenue versus the previous year. Since this type of report is typically widely distributed to many functions (i.e Sales, Marketing, Executives), the data tends to be aggregated to focus on total rooms performance by market. While this format may be useful for putting the current year’s performance in context, Read more

The Hotel Revenue Management conversation has stagnated.  As hotel companies try to standardize their approach to rate setting, to take judgement out of the hands of RMs, analytical creativity and innovation has been sacrificed. This trend should be alarming to hotel RMs, as most RM resumés still highlight the traditional skills of RM. Those skills are not where the opportunities are anymore. The thin analytical background of most Revenue Managers will begin to impact their salaries as hotel companies cash in Read more

The release of Star Wars: the Last Jedi hits theaters today. Time for my inner geek to spend quality time with my outer geek.  Since this is the 8th episode, I will reboot the 7 bits of Star Wars wisdom that I posted on the release of the last episode and add one more.  Here, again, is the Jedi knowledge that is directly applicable to the everyday challenges of a Hotel Revenue Analyst. “In my experience there is no such Read more

Why I Push for More “Advanced” for Revenue Managers

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Writing can be very therapeutic and this is one of those posts where I will vent. Within 15 minutes of arrival, on the very first day of my first consulting gig for a hotel I was told by the company’s CFO to keep my analysis at “the lower end of the sophistication range.”  He explained that the hotel industry has many “service” types that rose to managerial positions without getting much exposure to business analysis techniques and would therefore not Read more

The Core RM Concept Every Brand Revenue Manager Should Know, But Doesn’t

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Would it make sense to only know how to do math using a calculator? Even in our hi-tech society, it is not OK to NOT understand the fundamental processes of adding, subtracting, and multiplying just because you have a machine than can figure it out for you. I think most of you would agree with that opinion. Yet, in the Hotel Revenue Management function, the most mathematical function of the hotel industry and one of the most mathematical functions of any industry, most Read more


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