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I can’t begin to tell you how engaging these courses are. I oversee two independent hotels and I’m somewhat left to my own devices when it comes to tools and guidance. Needless to say I have a number of Excel workbooks I have built on my own by extracting PMS data and so far these courses have shed new light on how I can improve them and my thought processes.
Mark Grossman, Area Director of Revenue Management, The Crawford Hotel & The Oxford Hotel

Excel for Hotel Data Analytics
Self-Paced OnlineTraining Course

Why you need this training?

Storytelling with data has now surpassed every other form of hotel business communication. From analysts to administrative assistants, Excel is now by far the most popular platform for intelligence discovery and dissemination.  

This course is not for Excel beginners. It is for Excel users who know the basics but need to master the process of manipulating tables of data to create advanced reports and analysis.  It is the only course available that uses real PMS data to teach Excel tools and techniques.

Specifically designed for hotel professionals who want to master the next level of Excel skills.

The failure of many Excel training courses is their inability to connect tools and techniques to on-the-job scenarios. In this course you will only work with data, examples and exercises that are hospitality industry specific. The entire course is then taught using OWL’s proprietary PMS data file. This course focuses on the tools and techniques that are required for you to be successful at manipulating raw data and converting it into actionable intelligence.

Learn how to turn data files or extracts from any hotel system into valuable information.  In this unique course you will learn by watching the instructor actually perform every operation  step-by-step using PMS/POS data and real-life hotel examples.  Learn to extract insights that lead to innovative plans and brilliant decisions.  Create reports that impress and get you noticed.

Completing this unique training right now are:

Accounting & Finance Managers  |  Controllers | Revenue Managers  | Auditors
F&B Analysts | Consultants | Sales Managers | Receivables/Purchasing Analysts | Operations Analysts 


This Excel course taught me useful insights on how to look at real-live data from any PMS.  Not only can I now make better use of historical data, but I can do a variety of analysis that allows me to optimize revenue.  With Robert’s professional way of explaining the course material during the different modules, this became the optimal way of understanding the material and allowing me the opportunity to practice on my own.
Nicolas Heeger, Director of Revenue Management


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Sample Lesson:  Array Functions – A Hotel Analyst’s Best Friend

6 Hours of pre-recorded, on-demand video | Self-Paced | Downloadable Excel Templates
No Time Limit | Lifetime Availability | No exams | Certificate of Completion

You will learn:

Transforming Raw Data Importing PMS/POS/GL exports – Error Functions – Text Functions – Join and Logic Functions – Date Functions Rounding Functions

Great Spreadsheet Design – Data Validation – Conditional Formatting – Macros Security – Spreadsheet Reports Design Do’s and Don’ts

Granular Analysis of Data – Criteria Functions – Nested Functions – Lookup Functions – Array Formulas  Creating Advanced Formulas

Pivot Tables and Charts Table Multisort Multi-dimension and OLAP – Creating Pivot Tables Pivot Table Calculations Pivot Charts

Working with Raw Data – Relational Data – Creating Data Tables – Manipulating Data Tables Excel Table Referencing – The IF function

Bringing PMS/POS Data into Excel – Working across Excel files – Get live data from a database – Get data from the web – Get data from an Excel file – Automating data retrieval


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Learn from a Seasoned Hotel Data Analyst


Robert Hernandez is an expert in the field of mathematical Hotel Optimization and Analytics. He has spent the last 17 years building data-driven forecasting and optimization models for companies in over 20 different industries, from tech to tourism. Robert possesses a very unique skill set including cross-disciplinary experience, advanced mathematical and analytics skills, data transformation, industry-specific knowledge and business-process improvement expertise. Robert began his career at the Walt Disney Company in Revenue Planning. Read More+

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"Thank you for coming up with powerful revenue management course kit. Though I have finished the Cornell Advanced RM certification I felt your course is something I should have learned earlier."
Having been through a number of RM courses, including one from Cornell, yours really explains and shows the calculations behind the RM system being used.  Your concept of looking at the individual transactions opened a whole new world for me, especially how this relates to pricing.
I’ve taken many other RM courses but… if you are serious about RM, you have to take this course.
Having been through a number of RM courses, including one from Cornell, yours really explains and shows the calculations behind the RM system being used.  Your concept of looking at the individual transactions opened a whole new world for me, especially how this relates to pricing. The SOHO certification brings a higher dimension of analysis to the hotel revenue management landscape. The presentations by Robert Hernandez  are expertly done, presenting difficult mathematical concepts in the hotelier's language. You will see at the end of the certification a quantum leap in your revenue management skill set.
Thank you very kindly for sharing and teaching such amazing concepts.  I am absolutely excited that you have made something available for the profession relating to math that makes more sense. I appreciate the opportunity you have created for those of us aspiring to be more strategic and mathematical Revenue Managers.

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