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Who are the Hotel Revenue Managers? Part 1: The Power of One

In the first of our series on the profiles of today’s Hotel Revenue Managers, we start by simply getting a perspective on the size of RM teams throughout the world.  The vast majority of the 2800 hotel companies represented have only one person responsible for RM.  Keep in mind that many hotel companies are independent.  Only 5 companies have 100 or more RMs.You can probably guess which ones they are.

RM teams sizes


Now, just because the majority of hotel companies have one RM does not mean that most RMs work in small RM teams.  The chart below shows that those one person RM teams account for only one quarter of all RMs, while the big 5 hotel companies employ almost a quarter of all the RMs in the world. Looks like most of the RMs in the world are either struggling alone or struggling against others.


RM team size 2


Robert Hernandez, Hotel Profit Engineer
Author Info: Robert Hernandez is an expert in the field of mathematical Hotel Optimization and Analytics. He has spent the last 17 years building data-driven forecasting and optimization models for companies in over 20 different industries, from tech to tourism. Robert possesses a very unique skill set including cross-disciplinary experience, advanced mathematical and analytics skills, data transformation, industry-specific knowledge and business-process improvement expertise. Robert began his career at the Walt Disney Company in Revenue Planning. Read More+

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